AKG CAS No.: 5256-76-8
CAS No.: 5256-76-8 / 16856-18-1
Molecular Formul:C11H20N4O7
Storage: Keep in a dry and cool place
Assay: 98.0%~101.0%
Sample: Available

MOQ: 500 grams
Delivery: By Air, Express & Sea
Payment: Western Union, Money Gram, BitCoin, Bank transfer, L/C


1. AAKG can promote the horizontal resolution of nitric oxide in a short time, and significantly enhance energy.
2. AAKG can promote and expand muscle movement.
3. AAKG can promote the rapid growth and restore strength.



Nutritional supplement, nutrition enhancer, dietary supplements, heatlh food additives, pharmaceutical
raw material. sport supplements, sport nutrtional supplements, bodybuilding supplement.


Shipping cost:


1. DHL, FedEx, EMS Express for the order quantity less than 50KGS

2. Sea shipping for quantity over 500KGS, and Air shipping for 50KG above



AAKG, 5256-76-8; l-arginine akg 2:1, L-Arginine 2-oxopentanedioate;

C17H38N8O11; Arginine AKG 2:1;L-Arginine α-Ketoglutarate(2:1)Dihydrate;L-Arginineketoglutarate2H2O;L-ARGININE ALPHA-KETOGLUTARATE (2:1) 2-HYDRATE;L-ARGININE A-KETOGLUTARATE(2:1) DIHYDRATE ;L-ARGININE-ALPHA-KETOGLUTARATE(2:1)-2-DIHYDRATE;Di-arginine oxoglurate;CREATINE ALPHA-KETOGLUTARATE (1:1 & 2:1)

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